Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Hound of the Year Show January 5th

Held at Bowburn Leisure Centre, Irish Champions, Daxlore Daisimae and Fernlark Nardini, both the did well in the knockout Competition. Tia was knocked out in the semi final round by Fernlark Nardini. She progressed to the 3 finalists, so near and yet so far.

Spennymoor January 6th 2013

Judge David Robbins, Poppy shown by Luke Johnston was BOB. this is her 40th BOB 

Manchester Championship Show

Judge was Mr per Iveston

A good day, Daani qualified for Crufts 2014 with a 3rd place in limit. Dazi also qualified for 2014 with a 3rd place in veteran, Tia won Best Veteran Bitch, Poppy was limping on a back foot , she only made 5th in Open but pleased with that. 

The Northern Dog Club

Daani won Graduate, Poppy won Open Saluki, then went BOB, her 41st, before taking the Hound Group. Both our girls received good crits from Linda Brown. we do appreciate that she did write a crit as so many seem to never appear.

Jarrow and Hebburn Canine Society 2013

Judge Henry Newton (Aitcjay) gave Poppy her 42nd Best of Breed, The judge wrote.' Lovely 3 year old, moved around the ring with no effort. Head and skull very sleek, carrying well placed silky ears. Clear dark eyes, good dentition, lovely reach of neck. Sleek body slightly arch for superb front, deep chest.'  

Daani was 2nd. Tia won AV Hound Veteran.

Billingham Synthonia held at South Shields leisure Centre Feb 24th 2013

Judge Mr Armstrong gave Poppy BOB and Hound Group 2. Daani won Graduate and Tia was 2nd in Open. This was Fernlark Nardini's 43rd BOB. She was shown by Luke Johnston.

Crufts 2013 WE ARE FED UP ! When will it be 4pm? escape time!!!

Dafni 1st in Post Graduate see crit on Crufts page., Tia 4th in Veteran Bitch and 2nd in Good Citizen Bitch. See crit on Crufts page.

Newton Aycliffe March 17th 2013

Poppy gained her 44th BOB under judge Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze)Judge said, 'Rather rushed to ring, but glad that she did, very elgant with lovely feminine head and dark almond eye with such a haughty expression, pleasing profile shape , moved out easily.'

Tweedmouth March 29th 2013

45th BOB for Poppy and Tia won best Hound Veteran. Judge was Alison Morton (Cotherstone)We won 4 prizes in their very large raffle.

Northern Saluki Points Trophies 2012

Trophies are awarded for wins gained at Open and Championship Shows

Dafni won  Ch Gulzar-Mutakabbir Trophy for Top Winning Yearling, Tia won the Kwaysis Angel dish for Top Winning Particolour and Poppy won Ilsham Points Cup for owner not having won a CC prior to 1 1 2013.

Darlington Open Show 2013

Daani was 1st in Post Graduate, judge Monica Booth Thompson said,' Feminine cream bitch, lovely head and eyes, good length of neck, sound front, nice feet, correct body, strong hindquarters, well presented and handled. moved soundly.'

Birtley 2013

Daani won Graduate, Poppy AV Hound open and Tia AV Hound Veteran. Judge Lorraine Bolton said, Daani,'Very feminine cream bitch. She has a good top line and depth of brisket. Nicely boned with excellent well arched and feathered feet. Good bend of stifle creating a light action. Scored well in head of correct proportions, lovely eye and expression.

Poppy 'Such a feminine bitch with such elegance. Beautiful head with large eye, well set ears and quite 'cool' expression. Long bones and good feet. Deep brisket and sufficient spring of rib. Very good quarters, short hocks. Moved with lightness. VERY very pretty.'

Tia 'Very feminine throughout, 10 and a half but looks half that age. A jolly good saluki.'  Lorraine Bolton.

Hound Association of Scotland 2013

Judge J Cotterill. Dafni 1st in Limit Bitch and Daani 2nd in Limit bitch. Alan and Fernlark team won Breeders Certificate in the Breed Class and Group gaining 7 points.

Northern Saluki Champ Show 2013

Daani 2nd in SBB judge said, 'cream, nice shape, front OK, deep brisket, moved OK.'

NSC Champ Show.

Dafni winning Mid limit Bitch and Ilinga Trophy Judge Keith Thornton said,'Cream of top quality, correct top line, lovely bend of stifle , head is textbook. Would like to see her put more into her movement.'

Humberside Hound March 2013

Poppy won her 45th BOB and Tia won BV and Veteran Group 4

Breeders' class NSC

Fernlark Nardini, Rum n Black and Elsavo

Trophies awarded at NSC 2013

The Champion Al Mutakabbir Bronze for best yearling 2012 was awarded to DafniPoppy won Ilsham trophy for best dog/ bitch whose owner had not won a CC

Hartlepool 2013

Poppy gained her 48th BOB in a very crowded hall, huge number of dogs and many huge breeds. Poppy was scared had to be carried in. Did nothing in group, overwhelmed by standing next to a huge Wolfhound male. Judge A Woods.

Seaham Canine SocietyMay 2013 

Poppy gained her 47th BOB and Hound Group 1.Judge Claire Millward (Alouann)

Border Counties Hound May 2013

Poppy gained her 49th BOB under judge Gea Elvingsson from Sweden.


Birmingham National

Poppy gained 3rd place in a very strong Open Class under Mr Spencer Bolland.

Scottish Kennel Club may 2013

Poppy RCC wowee!!!! She said,'$year old bitch, pleasing type, good head proportions, nice body and outline, strong quarters, like more reach and drive on the move.' That is fine as she was inside running on concrete and came into season next day.

Dafni 2nd in Limit. Judge  Jill Peak.

South West Durham June 9th 2013

Daani 1st in PG shown very well by Marcia Dillon, Poppy 1st in Open and BOB . This was her 50th BOB at open shows and Irish Championship Shows. 

Southern Counties June 2013

We had a very disappointing day, Tia took 3rd in Good Citizen Dog or Bitch, but that was our only placement. Judge obviously not a fan of Reds, none at all in her lineup. Fernlark won Breeders class but were ignored by the judge in the group ring, there were 5 entered only had 4 run and judged them , the salukis were left standing unsure of just what was going on!!! Must think twice about entering under foreign judges.

Daani gained her BRONZE GOOD CITIZEN CERTIFICATE after only 2 lessons. 


Poppy gained her Bronze Good Citizen

Poppy had 3 lessons and followed her housemate in winning her Bronze Certificate. Thrilled for both of them.

Blackpool Championship Show

Judge Mark Cacozza gave Tia best Veteran DorB. Daani was 1st in Limit bitch so has gained her STUD Book number.

Ashington  and District Canine Society 30-6-2013

Judge Mr R Davies (Avapal) gave Poppy her 51st BOB and Tia won AV Veteran Hound.


Poppy 52nd BOB, nothing in the group. Very hot day appeared tired.

Durham  County Canine Association July 14th 2013

Lovely day outside at Temple Park leisure Centre  in South Shields. Judge for hounds was Mary Deats (Aradet) She gave Tia first in open but Daani took BOB and was shortlisted in a very large group. Very pleased.

Saluki Classic

Poppy won best red bitch for 4th year running, Tia won best Particolour and Daan won Special Beginners.

Hound Association

Daani 2nd SBB and 1st in Midlimit. Judge mrs D Coppertwaite said, 'This elegant pale cream showed herself off willingly despite having that typically affronted saluki expression on her face when requested to move over tufts of grass and bald mud areas in the ring. Very feminine and presented in excellent coat and condition.'

Poppy 3rd in Open bitch and Tia 3rd in Veteran bitch. 

Cleveland Agricultural Show July 2013

Daani won Graduate and Poppy her 53rd BOB on a VERY hot day under judge Miss E Newton. I went for the sympathy vote by catching my foot in my trousers and falling flat on my face!!!!

Wolsingham Agricultural Show 2013

We won £16 in prize money today, Daani won £5 for winning her class, Poppy also won £5 for winning her class, Tia won £3 for 2nd in open and £3 for 2nd in Veteran, A good day Poppy's 54 th BOB at open shows.

Darlington Champion show

Tia best veteran bitch, Daani 4th in Limit and Poppy 4th in Open bitch

Hartlepool Limit Show

Daani BOB and hound group 3 judge Julie Harrison.


Daani BOB and Group 4


Eston and Barnaby

Tia won her 60th BOB/

Northallerton 2013

Daani BOB 

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