Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Results for  2011


Dazi Lure Coursing

Tia, Daxlore Daisimae, won best Veteran of 2010 at the Hound show held in Durham, January 2011.

 She also won Northern Saluki Club Kwayis Angel points trophy for best particolour  2010

Daxlore Daisimae , Tia was BOB and Hound group 2 at Easington and Peterlee Show on February 26th Judge Dee Waterman. 21 Salukis entered. A record I would think for an open show.

 At Billingham Synthonia, 27th Feb, Daxlore Daisimae Sh CM, Tia,  was BOB under judge Maggie  Holder  





Daani, Daxlore Daania at Daandazi, won BOB and Hound Group 1 at Spennymoor Show on January 15th so completing her SHOW CERTIFICATE OF MERIT. Handler was LUKE JOHNSTON and judge Alf Woods. 

Daxlore Dazijane at Daandazi , Dazi, won Veteran Bitch at Manchester Dog Show qualifying for Crufts 2012.

Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi , Poppy, was BOB at The Northern Dog Show on January 29th 2011. Judge

 Jarrow and Hebburn Canine Society 13th February, Poppy , Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi, was BOB judge Mr Haran.

Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daadazi, went BOB at Darlington Dog Show on 5th February 2011

 Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi, has won the Ilsham Trophy from Northern Salukis Club  as best puppy 2010

  CRUFTS 2011 Poppy , Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi ,1st Yearling Bitch, 9 in class. Judge Dianne Allen.

Tia , Daxlore Daisimae, was 4th in Veteran Bitch, 3rd in Good Citizen and Dazi , Daxlore Dazijane at Daandazi, 5th in Good Citizen. Judge Diane Allen.

Hartlepool  1 May 2011 Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi, was 1st in PG, BOB and Hound Group 3

AT Saltburn and District Canine Society 8th May 2011, Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi, was BOB and Hound Group 4

Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi, gained her SHOW  CERIFICATE OF MERIT at North and South Shields  on 22 May 2011 winning BOB and Group 2.

Southern Counties Dog Show Tia, Daxlore Daisimae, was Best Veteran Bitch, Daani , Daxlore Daania at Daandazi was 2nd PG and Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi was 2nd in G. Judge Jeff Horswell.

South West Durham Canine Society, 12 June  Mrs Purseglove, Poppy , Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi  went BOB and Hound Group 1


Poppy , Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi was 1st in  Graduate, Daani , Daxlore Daani at Daandazi was 4th in PG, Tia, Daxlore Daisimae was  5th in Veteran.

Poppy 1st Special Beginners Daani 2nd in Special Beginners

Poppy won Jonathan Horsley Rescue Stakes

Tia won particolour trophy

Blackpool 2011, Tia , Daxlore Daisimae was 3rd in Veteran Dog/Bitch, Daani , Daxlore Daania at Daandazi was very well indeed but only managed 3rd out of 3 in Limit Bitch. Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi  messed around so was 4th out of 7 so not our day under judge Nev Newton.

 East of England Walter, Charrioak Sargas at Daandazi was 3rd GD, Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi was 2nd GB, Daani , Daxlore Daania at Daandazi was 3rd PGB and Tia, Daxlore Daisimae was 3rd in open bitch Judge Ian Veal.

Daxlore Daisimae Best Veteran Hound at Durham Canine Show, July 17th 2011

Dafni, Kirman Dafnia at Fernlark was best puppy and Puppy Group 1, Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi was 2nd in PG and 1st in AV Hound Post Grad. Daani , Daxlore Daani at Daandazi was 1st in AV Hound Open, Tia , Daxlore Daisimae was 3rd in Open , all at York Canine Society July 31st 2011.

Dafni, Kirman Dafnia was  best Puppy in Breed at WINDSOR dog Show Adele Walton Haddon. was judging.

Dafni , Kirman Dafnia at Fernlark was Best Puppy in breed at the Hound Association on August 6th 2011 and Group 4 in Show. Saluki judge Nicola Quadling, Best in Show judge Andrew Brace.

Dafni was 1st in JB at Bournemouth , judge Joanne Mahon.

 Dafni , Kirman Dafnia at Fernlark was Best puppy in breed at Welsh Kennel Club, Judge Pam Marston-Pollock.

Dafni, Kirman Dafnia at Fernlark was 2nd in Junior Bitch at Birmingham , Judge Keith Thornton


Rosette haul of Green Stars

August 2011

At the first show at Clonmel, Poppy, Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi gained Reserve Green star and our saluki team gained Gp 4. Judge Mr D Allan

At Killarney Poppy was awarded Green star and Best of Breed under judge  Mr G Jipping       , our saluki team again gained Group 4.

At Kildare Poppy was awarded Green Star and Best of Breed under a Swedish Judge Mr.T SKaar from Sweden.  . Our team almost missed class, rushed in at last minute and under performed.

At Tralee Tia , Daxlore Daisimae was awarded Green Star and Best of Breed by Swedish judge. MS A Edlander. Our team gained Group 3 with all 4 taking part.

Scottish Kennel Club

Post graduate dog or bitch saw Daani , Daxlore Daani at Daandazi take 1st and Poppy,Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi was 2nd in a class of 8 dogs and bitches.

 Poppy took 1st in Open Bitch with Tia , Daxlore Daisimae, taking 2nd behind her in a class of 6.

Daani was Best Bitch and Poppy took Reserve Best Bitch.



 Judge Dee Hardy said, 'Daxlore Daani at Daandazi Sh CM cream bitch, expertly handled,moved very well and coped with conditions well, good coat and condition., lovely eye and expression, immaculately presented, good feminine outline, deep chest and close fitting elbows BB

2nd Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW Sh CM Ir JC, red bitch, pushed 1 hard but not the precision on the move, excellent coat and presentation, lovely head and eye, very attractive outline RBB

2nd in Open Bitch Daxlore Daisimae R/W bitch 9 years enjoying her day despite the cold, in excellent condition, although well covered, lovely head, eye and expression, was handled expertly to move out well.'

Certificate for Semifinals at Earl's Court

Dafni won Junior bitch at NSC OPEN Show

Trophy won by Dafni at Northern Saluki Open Show

Nidderdale Agricultural Show

Poppy was Best of Breed judge Albert Richie. , he said,'Quality bitch of substance, good head neck and front, sound shoulder placement, good spring of rib correct topline, moved with ease around the ring, pleased to give her BOB.'

She also qualified for the semi-finals of the Kennel Gazette JW competition at Earls Court in November. Judge Dr Archie Bryden, he said,'Elegant bitch, nice long head, correct bite,, soundly constructed, moved with style.'


Dafni 2nd in JB. Poppy VHC PGB. Tia 3rd VB. Dazi 4th VB. Daani VHC LB. Judge Robin Searle.

Eston and Barnaby Open Show 2011

Judge Hilary Gilpin. Poppy BOB, Tia Best Hound Veteran.

 Saluki and Gazelle Championship Show 2011

A day of ups and downs for our team. Dafni won 3 classes and was 2nd in another. She won 2 trophies and 6 Junior Warrant points.

Daani won Gazelle Type class and 4th in Mid limit.

Poppy won Best Red Bitch and 4th in Special Beginners, 5th in Limit.

Tia best Particolour. So 5 trophies.

The Bjonarrie Trophy for Best Novice Bitch won by Dafni

The Ebni and Bint El Nablous Trophy for Best Gazelle Type won by Daani.

The Springbarn Simona Trophy won by Poppy for Best Red Bitch

The Rosette and Trophy haul from Saluki and Gazelle Hound Club

Midland Counties

Dafni was 1st in Junior Bitch gaining 3 JW points.

The Mazuri Trophy for Best Junior Bitch won by Dafni

Midland Counties

Dafni was 1st in JB under judge Anne MacDonald

Northallerton Show

Daani Best of Breed

Humberside Hound

Dafni 1st in J and PG and BOB judge Sheila Sim. Tia 4th in Open and Best Veteran. Group 4 Veteran.

Dafni's Trophy and Rosettes from Humberside Hound

Tyne Wear and Tees

Poppy 1st in PG and Best Opposite sex. Judge Linda Stuart.


East Anglian Hound

Dafni won PG gaining her 21st Junior Warrant Point. Judge Cecillia Andersson

Sunderland CS December 18th 2011

The final show of 2011 saw Kirman Dafnia gain her Junior Warrant. She won both the Graduate and Open Classes going Best of Breed and Hound group 3. She was handled by Luke Johnston. Judge was Robin Spencer 'Talgavar'

Ladies Kennel Club

Dafni won Junior bitch  gaining 3 more Junior warrant points.

Tia won Best veteran. Judge Graham Hill.

Luke with Dafni at Sunderland Show

Daf winning BOB at Sunderland

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