Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

The Challenge at Naas Raceourse

Hound Association of Ireland

Poppy was awarded Green Star , her 3rd and BOB her 32nd, from judge


Poppy was awarded Green Star her 4th from Judge Mrs S jarmer from Austria


Poppy gained her 6th Green Star with her 34th BOB under judge  Mr L heinesche from Luxembourg

The Daandazi gained their 2nd 2nd team rosette.


Poppy gained Green Star her 5th and BOB , her 33rd from Judge Mr J. Vourinen from Finland

The Daandazi team won 2nd in the team stakes, the three of them looked very elegant running together, although they do change places on the turns.

 Our Tent at Killarney

Poppy in group at Limerick

Team Stakes at Limerick

Alan with Poppy, Tia and Daani taking part in the team Stakes, a VERY BIg ring.

Inch Beach during a day off from showing.

Home made Congratulation Card from Jeannette Glaister.


Tia won her final Green Star at Tralee to complete her Irish Championship, from Judge Mr Sckeel from Denmark.  She was also BOB her 59th.

The daandazi team once again took 2nd in the team Stales.

Rosettes won at Munster Circuit 2012 for Green Stars and BOB


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