Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Lure Coursing at Salisbury Sept 2011

Dazi and Poppy went Lure Coursing at the whippet training course near Salisbury. They ran with 4 other salukis, running twice each. Poppy was runner up . They really enjoyed it.

Dazi lure coursing at Salisbury Sept 2011

Salisbury Sept 2011 Poppy was runner up.

Lure Coursing

Poppy first trial for lure coursing

 We took our girls to the lure Coursing near Newbury in Berkshire On 10-10-2010. Dazi was so happy she sang all the time as she wanted to follow the lure. AS it was our first time the girls were entered in the practice sessions. Dazi really went for it and thoroughly enjoyed herself. However, Poppy enjoyed it so much she didn't come back. She enjoyed running the course twice before she had to be 'caught' by the marshall on his mini scooter!


Dazi ran with Tia after lunch, both did well. Then it was Daani's turn. She did 50 yards  of deer type jumps, before turning around with an expression of 'What now!' The lure was run a second time, she showed no interest and came trotting back. Maybe next time!!

WE took our girls to Whippet racing in Wallsend on October 31st. It was a straight track, but Dazi loved it, ran three times. Tia twice and Daani followed Dazi so hopefully will get the idea.


 Dazi and Poppy lurecoursing THESE PHOTOS BY LAMPYPICS.


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