Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Poppy with Miyaz as puppies aged 7 weeks.

Relatives  of Poppy.

Miyas and Poppy

Ronnie lives in Finland, Miyas lives in Ross-on -Wye, they are Poppy's brothers 

 Miyas gained 3rd place at Midland Counties in PD so qualified for Crufts. Judge M Fulcher

He won MPD and 2nd in PD at SGHC Championship Show on November 1st Judge Pauline Everton.Da

 Daxlore Darshan, Daani's sister, lived in India with Irene, she was a free spirit who loved to run on her own, tragically she died at the end of January 2011, just short of her 4th birthday. she was drowned when she fell into a well. Such a sad loss , she was a beautiful girl.


 Ronnie,Poppy's brother in Finland.


 Anya, Poppy's Aunt from Finland, living with Sheryl Steer. Kirman Basheera at Crufts.


 Tasia Moonlight over Dawnchase  (Flyn) They both  have Kirman Bashaar as father, he is owned by Sheryl Steer and Lorraine Fitzgerald.Poppy and 7 of her brothers and sisters at a puppy party January 24th 2010.


 Poppy with Jasper, Miyas and Fran winning breeder's class at Hound Association of Scotland 2010. Judge Eleanor Bothwell.



 Sparkle , Walter's litter mate. She is 5 months and her first show will be at Birmingham.

 Miyaz Poppy'sbrother won his 1st CC at Driffield  at 17 months.

 Sparkle was best puppy 2010 Wowee!!!!! She won puppy with most points at Championship Shows, also dog under 18 months winning most points at Championship points in SGHC points system for 2010.


Jasper (Poppy's brother) Fernlark Rum n Black Richmond 2011

Fernlark Frangelico with Daandazi (Fran) Poppy's sister

Poppy with her sire Kirman Bashaar at Fernlark (Sonny)

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