Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Irish Champion Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW ShCM Ir Jr Ch RCC

Poppy taken in the garden January 2013. She gained her 40th BOB at Spennymoor Canine Show on January 7th Judge David Robbins.

The Northern Dog Show Jan 25th 2013

Fernlark Nardini (Poppy) won 1st in Open saluki, BEST OF BREED and Hound Group 1 This was her 41st BOB Judge Linda Brown said,'Elegant and shapely. nicely balnced overall, has length to her head and lovely large dark eye, moved well covering the ground. "

Jarrow and Hebburn Canine Society 2013

Poppy gained her 42nd Best of Breed under Judge Harry Newton (Aitcjay) He said, 'Lovely 3 year old, moved around the ring with no effort. Head and skull very sleek, carrying well placed silky ears. Clear dark eyes, good dentition, lovely reach of neck. Sleek body, slightly arched for superb front, deep chest.'

Billingham Synthonia Feb 24th 2013

Poppy gained her 43rd BOB under judge, Mr Armstrong (Bitcom) She was also awarded Hound Group 2.

Newton Aycliffe March 17th

Poppy 44th bob under judge Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze) .Judge said, 'Rather rushed in getting to ring, but glad she did, very elegant with lovely feminine head and dark almond eye with a haughty expression, pleasing profile shape, moved out easily.'

Tweedmouth Show 29th March 2013

Poppy won her 45 th BOB under judge Alison Morton (Cotherstone)

Northern Saluki Points Trophy

Nardini won the Ilsham Points Trophy for owner not having won a CC prior to 2013.

Humberside Hound March 2013

Poppy won her 46th BOB and Tia Best Veteran in breed plus Veteran Group 4

The Ilsham Points trophy for 2012 

Best winning dog/bitch for2012 who hasn't won a CC, won by Poppy.ext, images, and other content

Breeders' Class NSC

Fernlark Nardini, Rum n Black and Elswavo

Birtley Open Show 2013

Poppy was 1st in AV open, judge Lorraine Bolton said,'Such a feminine bitch, with such elegance. Beautiful head with large eye, well set ears and a 'cool' expression. Long bones and good feet. Deep brisket and sufficient spring of rib. Very good quarters, short hocks , moved with lightness. Very, very pretty.'

Seaham Canine Society May 2013

Poppy gained her 47th BOB and Hound Group 1 today. Judge MS Claire Millward (Alouann)

Hartlepool 2013

Poppy gained her 48th BOB in a  very crowded hall populated by very big breeds. She was very scared, had to be carried in , very frightened in the group by a huge male wolfhound. Possibly need to give show a miss , thought bigger dogs were outside, weather fine, but all crowded inside. Ring was tiny. Judge A Woods.

Birmingham National 2013

Poppy gained 3rd place in a very strong Open Bitch class, only beaten by BOB and RCC Bitches.

Border Counties Hound 2013

Poppy gained her 49th BOB under Swedish Judge Gea Elvinsson on a freezing wet day at Nidderdale Showground.

Scottish Kennel Club

Poppy Gained her 1st RCC under judge Jill Peak

Rosettes and RCC from last 4 shows.


Thankyou Kim and Jeannette

South West Durham June 9th 2013

Poppy was BOB under judge Julie Harrison.This was her 50th BOB at Open shows or Irish Champ shows. Unfortunately, she had to be withdrawn from the group as she was overawed by a male wolfhound, who was just too close in a very small ring. Judge said, 4 year old red bitch, overall lovely outline, slightly arched skull, with defined occiput with slight stop. Nice dark eye and correct feathering on ears. Strong neckline supported by well muscled shoulder, correct top line and well muscled loin, good tail set. Movement true back and forth. BOB 

June 2013

Poppy gained her Bronze level for Good Citizen after only 3 lessons, well chuffed with her.

Ashington CS 2013

Poppy gained her 51st BOB under judge Mr R Davies (Avapal)

Lanchester Agricultural Show

Very very hot today, Poppy gained her 52nd Bob under Judge Mrs Marion Sargent (Tegwani) 

Saluki Classic 2013

Poppy won Best red saluki under judge Nicola Quadling so winning Best Red Bitch for the 4th year.

Cleveland Agricultural Show July 27th 2013

Poppy gained her 53rd BOB and Group 4 under judge Miss E Newton. She also won AV Hound Open. She said, 'Lovely infix to front construction, good straight limbs, moved with elegance.' 


Wolsingham Show, Sept 2013

Poppy won her BOB under Judge Mr P higgins, it was her 54th BOB at open shows. She won £5!!!!


POPPY WON HER 55TH BOB and Group 4.

Sunderland Canine Society Dec 2013

Poppy won her 56th BOB

Manchester Champ Show

Poppy was 3rd in a very strong Open class

Darlington Open Show 1/2/14

Poppy gained her 57th BOB under judge Rob Wheeler (Ranuel)

Jarrow and Hebburn Open Show9/1/2014

Poppy gained her 58th BOB under judge Mimi Brown she said,'So well put together, just beautiful and moved with lovely floating stride.'

Consett Canine Match Night Feb 2014

Poppy Best in Match, judge Pete Matfen

Billingham Synthonia 23/2/2014

Poppy gained her 59th BOB under judge Bill Armstrong. She went Group3.

Newton Aycliffe 15/3/14

Poppy gained her 60th BOB under judge Ian Sexton

Crufts 2014

Poppy at Crufts , 3rd in Good Citizen judge Elaine Stanmore said,'beautiful b/f red, I think I gave her 1st when I last judged the breed and still like her just as much, she is the most lovely shape with the harmonies lines I like, a beautiful head and expression, lovely front, outline and quarters and moved well. Shown in lovely condition.'

Border Counties Hound 5/14

Poppy won her 61st BOB under judge John Owen . The weather was appalling for the group, the worst nightmare for a saluki, strong wind and torrential rain, she was also standing between a rhodesian and a deerhound. Terrified of big dogs after a Great Dane attack when she was puppy. Needed to be wrapped up in a duvet afterwards. in a duvet to warm her up afterwards. Not good.

Northumberland County Show 5/14

Poppy gained her 62nd BOB under judge Judith Carruthers (Stanegate)

Windsor 2014

2nd in open bitch. Judge Ann Birrell said,'Well feathered and in lovely condition. Covered a lot of ground on the move and well shown.'

Paignton 2014

Poppy 2nd out of 7 entries in Open Bitch

Sedgefield 2014

Poppy BOB , her 63rd

Cleveland Show 2014 Poppy BOB , her 64th

York 2014

2nd in Open, judge Pam Mottershaw said, super quality blackfringed red bitch, 5 years old shown in lovely coat and condition, just gleaming in the sunshine. Appeals in head , eye and expression with utera feminine outlook, she presents flowing lines without exaggeration and has good front, top line and quarters. Moved soundly with handler who who was able to show her many attributes to advantage.'

Paignton 2014

2nd in Open, judge Jean wright said, 'lovely B/R, pretty head and expression, lovely eyes, excellent shoulders and top line and hind angulation, moved well..'

Blackpool 2014

Judge D Spavin gave Poppy 2nd in Open bitch, she said,'Lovely outline and profile movement, feminine head, kind expression, good top line , showed well.'

Leeds 2014

Judge Martin Sanders2 Burtenshaw & Cook’s Ir Ch Fernlark Nordini at Daandazi, plenty to admire on this exhibit. Scores with her feminine well-proportioned head with a good eye & expression. General outline has good balance with plenty in rib. Correct in topline which leads to a well angulated rear. Her bone & feet are correct. Another exhibit that moved out soundly, covering the ground with free flowing strides. Presented in fit hard condition;

Poppy won BOB at Wolsingham  and Wear Valley Agricultural Show , her 65th

North and South Shields, Poppy gained her 66th BOB judge Molly Head said, red bitch with balanced outline, nice bone, good angulation, moving well in profile BOB

Poppy gained her 67th BOB at Jarrow and Hebburn 2014, she was also group 3. Judge Dick Morrison said, 'This one caught my eye immediately, I thought she was beautiful in symmetry and grace, her movement was flowing and gentle, she has a long narrow head, dark oval eyes, well set and coated ears, tidy definition, very true front and rear assemblies. Lovely length and depth of body, well arched feet, was of ideal size, her movement was light, flowing and effortless, very sympathetically handled, she was my Group3.'

Poppy won Best Pedigree Dog at Metro Dogs Fun Day under judge Sam Anderson-Rowell. A beautiful trophy and Rosette.

At Eston and Barnaby show February 2015 Poppy won AVNSC open and AVNSC overall

Poppy won her 68th BOB at Spennymoor Show , she also took group one. Unfortunately the Group Rosettes had gone walkabout, promised to arrive by post, Judge was Jane Maxwell.

Poppy won her 69th BOB at Billingham Synthonia under judge Hilary Gilpin, Feb 2015. She said, 'Liked her head proportions, good black nose, oval eyes, long neck leading to sloping shoulders, deep chest and racy hindquarters, moved effortlessly."

Rosettes and trophies from Metro Dogs show. Daani won best Veteran Pedigree, Poppy was second in the fancy dress and Lizzie 2nd in Junior pedigree dog.

Best In show Metro dogs Fun Show 2015, judge Sam Anderson -Rowell

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