Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Irish Champion Daxlore Daisimae Sh CM

Daxlore Daisimae began her show career under the late Don Weidon in 2004 at the Northern Saluki Championship show, winning Post Grad Bitch.

Don's Crit: '21 months,w/red black finged parti. What a stunner.She's very exciting in all respects as she says Saluki both standing and on the move.I thought her head classic,dark well made eye,excellant pigment.strong chin,long neck set into the best shoulder lay in her class.Her coat was just what the standard calls for"...smooth of a silky texture"not often seen these days.In excellant condition so well balanced.Forequarters with good return of arm already,legs and feet.Moderate hindquarters with low hocks all one could wish for.She was also my Best Special Beginners so well handled by her novice owner.'

 Post Graduate Bitch Trophy won 2004.



She was awarded her KC Stud Number  in July 2004.

She gained her Sh CM in January 2007...

 She has 60 BOB's to date.

She has 7 green stars, 5 with BOB and 2 group 4's at  Irish Champ Shows gaining her Irish Championship.

She has 3 RBB certificates.

Tia was runner up for points trophy for Best Particolour at NSC in 2004

In 2005 she won the Bjonarrie Bowl at SGHC Champ Show as Best Novice Bitch, and Kendaca Trophy as Best Particolour Bitch.




In 2006 she won the Kwayis Angel Dish for most points as a particolour at NSC and runner up as dog with most points not having won a CC.

In 2007 won the NSC Kwayis Angel Dish as top winning particolour.and runner up as dog with most points not having won a CC.

She won the SGHC  Kendaca Trophy Best Particoloured Bitch in 2007

In 2008 Daisimae was runner up for Best Particolour trophy at NSC

In April 2009 she won the Daxlore Tray for Best Limit Bitch at NSC Champ Show.

In 2009 Daisimae won the NSC Kwayis Angel Dish as top winning particolour

In 2010 Daisimae has won the NSC Kwayis Angel Dish as top winning particolour.

In 2011 Daisimae has won the NSC Kwaysis Angel Dish as top winning particolour.


She won the trophy again in 2012. We have used some silver polish polishing it over the years.

 Photograph takenat SKC 2008


Crufts 2010, Tia was Third In Good Citizen Bitch under Mr Spencer Bolland.

Tia won Open Saluki class at North and South Shields Dog Show in April 2010, judge  Mrs S Virgo She said,

Seven year old red parti. Very nice standing showing good outline andsweep to rear stifle. Well presented'

Tia won the open class at Sunderland Dog Show in April 2010 under judge Mrs Sanghera.

On May 1st Tia won Bob , her 49th, at Seaham and District Show, under judge Audrey Bell. She also took Hound Group One.

 On May 2nd Tia took BOB, her 50th at Hartlepool Dog Show, judge Trevor Jepson. She took group 3 in the Hound Group. He said,'7 year old bitch, parti with typical head and well placed ears, dark eye. Good layback of shoulder, good front and correct feet. Pasterns sloped slightly good depth and in very good condition. Strong quarters , best of movers.'

 May 16th Tia gained her 51st BOB at Houghton-le-Spring Canine show under judge Melanie Spavin.

 Tia was 3rd in Open bitch at Scottish Kennel Club show held on May 23rd. 2010.

Tia won the open saluki class at Tyne Wear and Tees Hound on May 29th under judge Jason Hunt. She was handled by Luke Johnson. judge said,'Red and white parti,7 years oldwith an elegant head and neck. Best mover in the class.'

 Southern Counties June 2010 3rd in Open Bitch Karen Fisher

Three Counties June 2010 2nd in Open Bitch Jill Peak she said, '7 year old bitch, nice dark eye, good pigment, correct bone, good neck, nice quarters, moved soundly.'

Hound association of East Anglia 1st Open

Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club June 2010 5th Open Bitch , 4th Veteran Bitch, 1st Particolour Bitch Frank Kane

 Tia was BOB at Harrogate A1 Show on July 3rd under judge Alan Bendelow. It is her 52nd.Red and white bitch in top coat and condition, a pleasure to go over.'

Tia 1st in AV Veteran at Lanchester Dog Show 2010, Mr Johnston (Feldkirk)

Leeds Championship Show 2010 Tia  2nd in Open Bitch. Judge Brian A Henry. he said,'At 8 years oldthis veteran with a beautiful head, strong underjaw, dark eye and good ear set. Pleasing shoulders, neck and topline. Likes her suppers too much.'

York August 1st 2010, judge Andrew Sharp 2nd in open.

Tia gained 2 reserve Green stars and 4 excellent gradings at the Munster Circuit in Ireland in August 2010. She now has 4 Green Stars and 7 reserve green stars

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB AUGUST 2010 Tia Reserve Best Bitch.Judge Vikki Ann Tompkins said,'8 yr old bitch of the type I adore. Beautiful head , but starting to show her age in movement.'

 Hound Of the Year Show 2010 Tia won Best Veteran

Sunderland Dog Show December 2010. Ist in open Saluki class, the judge said,'8year old Parti colour bitch, nice head, correct earset, good spring of rib,moved effortlessly around the ring.' Deryck Player.

Tia has won the NSC Particolour Trophy for 2010. The Kwayis Angel Dish.

Northern Dog Show, judge Bill Armstrong said,'Nice bitch of good size and substance. Again nice head and expression. Well made throughout with nice topline. Looked good and covered the ground in profile.' 1st in open salukis.

Easington and Peterlee February 2011, Tia won BOB , 21 entries, and Hound Group 2, Judge Dee Waterman.  I think it is her 53rd BOB win.

At Billingham Synthonia Tia won BOB under judge Maggie Holder ( Mascotts) on 27th Feb 2011. Judge said,'8yo bitch. Super out line and balanced all through, quality head, reachy neck, very good angulation front and rear, lovely deep chest, well boned straight frelegs with good length, muscular hindquarters. Moved effortlessly.'

Crufts 2011 4th Veteran Bitch, 3rd Good Citizen Judge Diane Allan said,' Good overall balance, gentle expression, good angulation, correct bone, well sprung ribs, , lovely temperament, moved soundly.'

 Tia was 1st in Open Bitch, RBOB , BV and Reserve Best Veteran in Show at Humberside Hound on April 16th 2011. Judge Diane Cook


 Southern Counties 5 6 2011 Tia Best Veteran Bitch Jeff Horswell.

East of England 3rd in open bitch judge Ian Veal

Best veteran Hound at Durham Canine Society Show July 17th.

Tia was 3rd in Open class at York Canine show on July 31st 2011 and 2nd in Open at Cleveland Show on 24th July 2011.



Tia gained her 5th GreenStar with Best of Breed.




Eston and Barnaby 2011

Tia best Hound Veteran. Judge H Gilpin She said,' 9 year old in good fettle very sound for her age and still looking youthful,'


Tia was 2nd in Open Bitch out of 6. Judge Mrs D Hardy


Tia won Best Particolour at SGHC  Champ Show 2011


Tia was 2nd in Good Citizen's bitch 'Correct head proportions with well set ear, good length and leg set under, good tuck up, shown in hard condition, on the move a little loose behind.' Nick Bryce Smith

Humberside Hound

Tia Best Veteran in breed and 4th in Veteran Group.


Tia was best veteran . Judge Graham Hill said,'A rising 10 year old well bodied bitch who has a pleasing outline in profile. She has maintained a true front and is well bodied with good spring and depth of chest. Firm in topline, moderate in hindquarters. Moved out well, especially in front.'

Manchester 2012

Tia 1st in Good Citizen. Judge Colin Ashmore said,'Mature bitch of good proportions , feminine head and expression, of pleasing shape and proportions, good bone and depth of brisket, well ribbed and strong over loin, good length and shape of neck, good width across thigh, well muscled and nicely shaped feet, moved well.'

Newton Aycliffe 50th Anniversary Show Tia RBOB Judge Lorena Grisoli

Daxlore Daisimae was 1st in Good Citizens class at Crufts 2012

Judge Marie Bryce-Smith said, 'Lovely old type, good angualtion fore and aft, a pleasure to go over.'

Tia and Alan winning Good Citizen Crufts 2012


Harrogate  and District Canine Society

Tia 1st open Saluki judge Joe Ashford

Irish mini circuit 2012

Tia gained 3 excellent gradings, 1 reserve Green star and 1 Best Veteran.

Tyne Wear and Tees Hound May 2012

Tia BOB her 57th. Judge Rebecca Meeks.

Hibernian Show

Tia gained her 6th Green star under judge Christopher Coppel.

South West Durham Canine Show, June 2012

Tia won her 58th BOB, judge Audrey Bell.

Tia and Alan with Mr Sckeel from Denmark, just gained her 7th Green Star.

Irish Champion Daxlore Daisimae Sh CM

Tia gained her 7th Green Star at Tralee Show in 2012 to gain her Championship. Judge Mr Sckeel from Denmark, this was her 59th BOB.


Darlington Championship Show

Tia was 2nd in Veteran Bitch under judge Jayne Pyatt

Northern Saluki Open Show

Tia 3rd in VB, judge Trish Wells


Tia was 2nd in VB under Australian Judge Keith Prior , he appeared not to bother writing a crit, we will see!!!!


Tia won Best Veteran and Best Good Citizen, judge Liz Stephens said,'Red/White Parti, 10 years young and in excellent condition, she has a beautiful set of sparkling teeth which could put some of the younger exhibits to shame, she is in good coat, is well muscled and moved well. Best Veteran.'

Saluki or Gazelle Champ Show 2012

Tia was 2nd in Particolour class, judge mrs Fulcher said,'10 years Red/ White parti bitch, lovely type. I judged this bitch when she was quite young and really liked her but her movement let her down, but she has improved 100% now and didn't put a foot wrong. Well made bitch  with good neck and head, well made with good depth and top line, correct in all other departments.'

Tia Jan 2013

Tia January 2013 . Irish Champion Daxlore Daisimae SH CM

Manchester Show January 2013

Judge Per Iveson gave her Best Veteran Bitch.

Jarrow and Hebburn 2013 

Click to Tia won AV Hound Veteran under judge Henry Newton (Aitchjay)

Tweedmouth Show

Tia won Best Hound Veteran under judge Alison Morton (Cotherstone)

Northern Saluki Points trophy 2012

Tia won the Kwaysis Angel Dish for the 6th time as Best Winning Particolourour

Birtley Open Show

Best AV Veteran, judge Lorraine Bolton said, Larger than her kennel mate i.e. Poppy, but feminine throughout. 10 and a half but looks half her age. A Jolly good saluki with very little separating her from her kennel mate.''

Blackpool 2013

Tia won veteran dog or bitch.

Ashington CS 2013

Tia won AV Veteran under Judge MR R Davies (Avapal)

Durham CA 2013

Tia won the open class judge said, 11 year old bitch who is heavier in body than I would like, but with such an excellent head, neck and shoulder layback and wonder of wonders a filled in chest. She moves so lightly around the ring for her age.

Saluki Classic weekend

Tia was 5th in Special veteran under judge Paul Shimmin. She won best particolour bitch under judge Nicola Quadling. So has a trophy, rosette and bag of senior Royal Canin. Trophy identical to this but says The Kendaca Cup.

Eston and Barnaby 2013

Tia gained her 60th Best of Breed.

Durham Canine Society 2014

Tia gained her 61st BOB under judge Bill Barnbrook (Bribiba)

South West Durham 

Ist in open, judge Mark Ord said, This veteran can still hold her top line well. Moved well for her age, lovely head and expression, good overall balance.'

Windsor 2014

2nd in Veteran Bitc, judge Ann Birrell said, 'Longer cast than Daani and at 12 years old carrying her age well and keeping a good outline, but understandably her movement was not too good.'

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