Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Cambois Greyhound Track

Poppy running at The Track.



The Running Track at Cambois

Dazi running July 21st 2011 aged 9 years

Dazi waiting for the lure

Poppy in full stride

Exercising At Cambois Flapper Track.

Cambois have a sand track excellent for exercising hounds. The dogs have differing reactions to chasing the 'hare'. Dazi can make two circuits easily, Tia one circuit then takes short cut across grass to complete 2nd circuit. Daani so far hasn't really got the idea, prefering to chase 'hare'from  grass inside ring. Poppy able to run 4 circuits without appearing to be out of breath.Daani finally ran two circuits, still not chasing the lure, catches Dazi, tries to  catch her collar, but progress.       



Ist Photo is Poppy waiting with anticipation for lure to start.

2nd poppy running.

 3rd is Dazi running on track and Tia running on centre grass.


 5th and 6th Dazi and Daani

 7th is Poppy setting off.



Dazi in Neon Mode

Tia 1st March 2012

Daani March 2nd 2012

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