Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

Daxlore Daania at Daandazi Sh CM 2011/14

February 5th Daani was 1st in Open bitch at Darlington Open Dog Show, The  jjudge Ann Gates said, 'stood alone in this class, nicely balanced bitch with pleasing head and expression , moved well.'and 1st in Junior handling, shown by Luke Johnston.

Hound Association of Scotland, M Spavin, 3rd in Limit Bitch, qualified for Crufts 2012.

Birtley Open Show April 10th 1st PG Judge Kevin Young.

Southern Counties Jeff Horswell 5 6 2011 2nd PG he said,'Unexaggerated type, correct moderation in angulation, strong neck,arch and loin fairly true.'

 East of England 2011 Daani was 3rd in PGB Judge Ian Veal

At York Canine Society Daan was 1st in AV Open Hound. July 31st 2011.

Didn't have camera so next best!!!!

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Daxlore Daania at Daandazi taken September 2011

Scottish Kennel Club

Daani was 1st in Post Graduate Dog or Bitch out of 8, she went on to take BEST BITCH Judge Mrs D Hardy. she said,'cream bitch,expertly handled, moved very well and coped with conditions well, good coat and condition, lovely  eye and expression, immaculately presented, good feminine outline, deep chest and close fitting elbows.'



Daani won Gazelle type Saluki at Saluki and Gazelle  Champ Show.

Northallerton Show

Daani won BOB

Eston and Barnaby

Daani was 2nd, judge Hilary Gilpin said, 'White bitch with really dark eyes and nose, deep chest and narrow.'

Spennymoor District CS 2012

Daani BOB judge Mrs M Smalley said, 4 years 11 months . Nice type. Nice head and shoulders. Good legs and feet. Moves well.'

Daxlore Daania

Manchester 2012

Daani was 3rd in Limit Bitch so qualified for Crufts 2012.

Sunderland 18 12 11

Daani was 2nd in open, judge Robin Spencer said,'Quality bitch with good head and p;easing expression, dark eye. Super rear angulation, elegant and effortless movement and presented in good  condition.'

Billingham Synthonia

Daani 1st in Post Graduate judge Mr I Halbert. Lovely feminine head and expression, moved well holding topline.

March 2nd 2012


Daani Bob Judge Ian Sexton said,'A 5 year old cream/white bitch, well balanced outline, head of correct proportions, dark eyes and correctly set ears, good bite. Well laid shoulders, deep brisket and ribs correctly sprung and well laid back, coat of the correct texture. Strong loin, rear quarters correctly angulated. She move with ease and good extension in profile.' BOB.

Darlington Championship Show 2012

Daani was 2nd in PGB under judge Jayne Pyatt

Stanhope Agricultural Show

Daani was BOB and Hound Group 4 Judge Lorna Binks said, 'Correct expression, good ear set, well set shoulders, deep brisket, flowing movement. BOB group4.'

Northern Saluki Club Open Show

Daani was 2nd in Limit Bitch Judge Trish Wells she said, 'Good depth to brisket .Nacely balanced angulation. moved well.'

Chester-le-Street October 28th 

Daani was BOB and Hound Group 3 under judge Mrs Mc Ardle. She said,'Lovely elegant bitch of quality, long and narrow in scull, dark correct eyes, preferred front assembly and the front movement on my first although I loved both of these balanced bitches. Ears hanging close to scull, beautiful reach of neck, good length of loin, good second thigh. Elegant in profile standing and on the move. BOB and group 3'

Northallerton and District Canine Society

Judge Andrea Callow(Garthorpe) Daani took her 24th BOB, the second time she has won at this show. The venue at Hurworth is set in beautiful grounds. The Community Centre is an old grand home. The food is good, but the hall is very small , with only 2 rings. Shame if the weather was as good as yesterday, some dogs couldn't be judged outside. No BOB rosettes unless you donate them for your breed.

Darlington Open Show 2013

Judge Monica Booth Thompson said,'Feminine cream bitch, lovely head and eyes, good length of neck, sound front, nice feet, correct body, strong hindquarters, well presented and handled. Moved soundly.'

NSC Champ Show2013

Daxlore Daania 2nd SBB  judge said, 'cream, nice shape, front ok, deep brisket, moved OK.'

Birtley Open Show 2013

Daani was 1st in Post Graduate, judge Lorraine Bolton said,'Very feminine cream bitch. She has a good top line and depth of brisket. Nicely boned and excellent well arched feathered feet. Good bend of stifle creating a light action. Scored well in head perorations, lovely eye and expression.'

Hound Association of Scotland.

Daani was 2nd in Limit under Jeannette Cotterill, she said, ' Another lovely silver that I have placed well in the past. has darkest of pimento. A taller girl with great depth of brisket and good slope tp pasterns, standing a little high at back today probably didn't like the strong winds.'

Blackpool 2013

Daani was 1st in Limit bitch so has gained her stud book number, never thought that would happen!!! Yippeee!!!

Southern Counties

Daani gained her Bronze Good Citizen Award after only 2 lessons.

Nothumberland County Show

Daani was 1st in Post Graduate. judge Hilary Gilpin said, Very nice Cream Bitch, good front with straight legs, tail length and feathering were correct, well angulated hind legs.

Sghc Champ show 2013

I'm showing my beloved Daani in mid limit, she was binned, but love photo, look like my mother with attitude from my Gran. Daan did win Special Beginners, so won a rosette, bag of Royal Canin and a commemmorative mug.

Durham County Canine Association July 14th 2013

Daani gained her 25th BOB  today and was shortlisted for the group. Judge was Mary Deats (Arander) She said, 6yr old feathered bitch with typical head and expression, having goos eyes, ears and vg fringing????. Good neck and body lines, presents a good balanced outline in the challenge although I preferred the eyes and forehand of the open class winner. I considered the bitch more typical for size and feminity.

South West Durham

6 year old cream bitch, lovely head , good mouth, correct eye colour. ears supporting correct hair. Good strong neckline running down to correct top line, well muscled shoulders without being overdone, movement good, 1st Post Graduate. Judge Julie Harrison 9Tremson)

Cleveland Show

!st in PG, judge E Newton said,'Good head and clean teeth., but too narrow all through.'

Wolsingham Show

1st in Post Graduate.

Hartlepool Limit Show

Daani went BOB her 26th and Hound Group 3 under judge Julie Harrison.

Chester le Street 2013

Daani won her 27th BOB and Group 4 under judgeMr A Norcross.

Northallerton Show 2013

Daani gained her 28th BOB under judge

Gateshead 2/3/14

Daani gained her 29th BOB.

Hartlepool Show 5/14

Daani won her 30th BOB today show by Kym Brady. She also won Best Hound Veteran. Judge Alan Johnston said, Lovely outline on this hound and showed so well in comparison to her classmates, coat not at it's best at the moment. Best Veteran Hound.

Crufts 2014

Daani at Crufts 2014 , not placed in Veteran or Good Citizen BOO HOO

Border County Hound 2014

Daani was second in Post Graduate , judge John Owen said,' A very pretty cream 7 year old bitch, who defies her age. A delicate feminine head, good length  of neck, deep chest, good top line, and balanced overall.'

Windsor Championship Show 2014

1st Veteran Dog/Bitch , judge Mrs A Birrell said, Cream bitch with a pretty head, nice dark eye. Good depth of brisket and nicelty rounded quarters. I liked her pasterns and low hocks. Moved soundly.'

Paignton 2014


2nd in Veteran Bitch, judge Jean Wright said, '7 year old cream with nice head and expression and overall conformation, moved well.'

Leeds 2014

Judge Martin Sanders VB (1) 1 Burtenshaw & Cook’s Daxlore Daania at Daasndazi, still retains her many virtues. Feminine well-proportioned head with a good eye & expression. Reachy in neck with a clean front assembly. Overall balance is good, bone & feet correct. Moved out fairly soundly & was well presented

Bakewell 2014

!st in Post Graduate , judge Patricia Wells said,'I liked the fill to front and good depth of brisket. Strong bone and nice feet. Balanced fore and aft , moved well.'

Daani has won Best Veteran Hound at Saltburn and and Spennymoor, judge said, 'Cream Bitch of finer type. Oval eye, with enough width between ears and enough fringing.Longish back, sloping pasterns. Good depth to chest and length to second thigh. Moved freely.' Jane Maxwell.

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