Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

2016 at Daandazi

Poppy gained her 78th BOB at North and South Shields show in January, judge Diane Cook. Lizzie was 1st in PG  judge said, Cream bitch with long head, strong undertow, dark eyes, fair lay of shoulder, a shade straight in upper arm. Good toppling with good rise. Well angled rear, moved soundly.

Poppy Red bitch with good outline and underline, hare feet!!!!!, good depth of elbow, balanced angles fore and aft, a shade short in neck!!!! Moved out well BOB.

Poppy gained her 80th BOB at Darlington Open Show at The Fridge. Judge Evan Ryan said , lizzie, 1 out of 4  in Graduate, '2two year old, looking cracking, built on good lines. Long skull, narrowing correctly , slight stop and dark nose. Beautiful earnest with silky feathering, reasonably long neck, set into shoulders well sloped, slight V in front and just enough bone. Good legs and feet, moved well with style and effortless gait.'

Poppy. Another gorgeous one, coming up 7year old bitch, so typical gorgeous headpiece, set on a a strong neck of good length, well laid shoulders and good ribbing. Good muscle throughout and good toppling and tail set, strong hindquarters, wide hips and tidy hocks, moved with light gait, nice power driving awat, neat action towards. Lovely moving in profile.' Evan L Ryan

Removed her from group as she wasting stressed in the crowded conditions.

Northern Dog Show

Poppy gained her 79th BOB at The Northern Dog Show. Judge Mr Curry (Ladore) Lizzie was 1st in Graduate. Nothing in group. Judge said, 'Lizzie, Long narrow head, gentle expression. Long well muscled neck, straight front, well bodied. Well angulated rear. Sound.'

Poppy, 'Mature bitch with a balanced head and expression. Good each of neck, well laid shoulders, deep brisket. Well angulated and in good muscular condition, moved out well.'BOB 

Lizzie gained her 32nd BOB at Jarrow and Hebburn Valentines Day Show. Judge Mr J Cowie (Benroy)  Daan  won Open.

Lizzie gained her 33rd BOB at Cleveland Dog Show and was Hound Group 4 Judges Revel  and Salt. Judge Richard Revell said,' Really nice shaped head, good length of neck, good topine, moved around the ring with ease. BOB'

Lizzie gained her 35th BOB under judge Mark Ord at Whitehaven show, he said,'Cream bitch of good size. Most lovely head and eye, ears well set and good feathering all through. Correct in body and carrying the correct amount of weight and in good condition. Well angulated quarters and tail well set and carried. Good feet. A little unsettled on the move today.'

Lizzie gained her 36th BOB under judge Miss Helen Wayman at Tweedmouth Show on Good Friday. Poppy was 2nd out of 4 entries. Judge said ''Lovely class of salukis, quality cream girl won the class and BOB, goos head and expression, good topline and underline, correct rear, moved very soundly.'

Lizzie won her 38th BOB at Saltburn Show, Poppy won the open class under judge Moray Armstrong. Lizzie did nothing in the group. Judge said,'Lizzie, Pale cream of excellent quality. Nice head, very good front, foretaste and ribs. Moved well  keeping a good toppling, in fit hard condition.

Poppy 1st in open, Red bitch of good breed type. Pleasing head, well constructed body and nice legs. Excellent quarters, moved well , just needs a bit less weight.'

Poppy gained her 81st BOB at Hartlepool Show. She was 3rd in the group and Best Veteran. Judge Mr P. Clifton (Joseter) He said,'7 year old classy lady. Good overall balance. Pleasing head and nice eye and ear set, all giving a sweet expression. I found her good in shoulders, nice bone and hindquarters. Moved well. BOB'

Poppy won her 83rd BOB at Seaham Show on 15/05/16. She was also group 2 winner.

Lizzie gained her 40th BOB at Ripon 2016. Judge Steph Marston Pollock.

Nothing in a large group, she was very hot. Judge said,'Feminine, shapely bitch, classy head and expression. Elegant neck into clean, well laid shoulders. Well bodied, lovely size. Reached out well in front, would prefer a little more width behind.'

Finally got Confirmation of Lizzie's CC . Chuffed to bits.

Poppy winning Best Veteran at Blackpool 2016

Poppy won Best Veteran at Blackpool Championship Show.

Judge Avril Davies.

She really didn't like creams, all dogs in challenge were blacks. Lizzie was 4 out of 4. But then she is cream.

Poppy in Veteram Blackpool 2016

Lizzie gained her 34th BOB at Billingham Synthonia , judge Jen Davies on 28th February. She said,'Beautiful head and eye, in super coat, showing a balanced outline. Good front and depth of chest. Well muscled quarters which she showed on the move, just coming into her own.'

Consett Match Night March 2016.

Poppy Best Veteran and lizzie 2nd in 2 year old class.

Lizzie gained her 37th BOB at Consett Canine Society , she went group 2. Judge Paul Richardson (Weisel) Rachel Cumberland gained Best Junior Handler showing Lizzie. Rosettes are left of the photo.The crit from Paul Richardson was in Our Dogs. However he has the wrong dog as BOB and group 2, so hardly worth retyping.He did get  the fact that they are very different types of salukis and that our red girl was a bit overweight. Wish we could find a solution to getting her weight off. 

Lizzie won the Ilsham Points Trophy for 2015 and was runner up for Best Bitch. 

Poppy ws 2nd in Veteran Bitch under Paul Shimmin at Northern Saluki Champ Show 2016. He said,'B/R in lovely condition. Liked her head and expression. Long neck, well laid shoulders, firm toppling with rise over loin. Look balanced standing and moved out well.'

Poppy won her 82nd BOB at Newton Aycliffe Show on 14/05/16. Judge Sue Pocock (Fromebank) She was placed 4th in the Hound Group.

Lizzie wins the Challenge Certificate

At Scottish Kennel Club in May 2016 Lizzie was awarded our first Challenge Certificate. Judge Michael Williams. We are really thrilled. Judge said,' A cream bitch with lovely head and good dark eyes and nice expression. Her neck and toppling are excellent with a single line to follow with good arch over the loin. Her underline is good and her spring of rib is correct allowing for speed and endurance. Her angulation is well balanced in front and rear, her pasterns are well angled and she has good feet. She moved well from the side and coming and going. Delighted to award her, her first CC.'  WOWEEEEE!!!!

Lizzie gained her 39th BOB at Tyne Wear and Tees show on May

28th 2016. Judge Pamela Lennon 'Zanabec'

Lizzie 41st BOB at SW Durham June 12th 2016. Judge Alana Allen. Group 4

Poppy 1st in open.She said of Lizzie, 'Nice and typey outline and not exaggerated BOB. Poppy ,Classic look about the head, not exaggerated in any way, moved soundly at rear.' Alana Alyn.

LIZZIE 42nd BOB at Ashington Show July 1st David Robbins.

Poppy in Challenge Blackpool 2016

Lizzie in Post Graduate at Blackpool

Lizzie gained her 43rd BOB at Harrogate Show on her 3rd birthday. The judge was John Thirlwell  (Ferndel) He was a Springer Spaniel man, liked hairy dogs. Lizzie took Graduate class and Poppy Open. Poppy was second in Veteran Dog or bitch. A Dog won!!! Judge said, Lizzie had feminie head with dark eye, pleasing neck and shoulder in a well balanced body, moved soundly.' Poppy was over weight.

Durham County Show

Lizzie was 4th with Rachel in Junior Handling at Durham

Rachel Cumberland showing Poppy at SKC in may2016. Judge said, 'Rachel is another very good handler and displayed very similar qualities to first, which were, at all times managing to make me, the judge, look at the exhibit,and not be distracted by her movements. Calm and dedicated, complimenting her dog and giving me a professional; image. Moved her dog at the correct pace ensuring all the time that her speed was just right for the dog to stride to. Very much a polished performance without going   over the top, just not quite as accurate out and back as winner.' David Guy. Was Poppy's first attempt so brilliant.

Poppy gained her 84th BOB under judge Andrew Cheatham at Durham County Show 2016.

He said, '7 year old bitch, feminine and grcaeful. Lovely long narrow head on good length of neck. Nice sloping shoulders with strong loin. Moved well.'


Lizzie  45th BOB under judge Mr Casling (Colliha) and group3 under Brian Foster. Whacked and giving us some peace. Mr Casling said, , 'Cream bitch of 3 years, lovely balanced head, ears well feathered, deep chest, strong loin, good tuck up, moved with grace and elegance.' 

Brian Foster Group judge said,'Nice outline on this cream bitch, good head with strength and femininity, clean supple neck, correct oval bone and long  and well arched feet, a picture of symmetry showing well muscled shoulder and quarters but not pronounced or heavy.'

Leeds Championship Show 

Poppy was best veteran, judge R Wray said, ' 7 yrs old. Shapely black fringed red. Feminine head with dignified expression. Nice overall balance with well set shoulders, and well filled foretaste and deep brisket and good underline.Ice slope to croup. A little less weight would show her rise over the loin better. Gentle slope to croup and well angled fore and aft. MOVED WITH A NICE EASY STRIDE IN PROFILE."

Lizzie won her 44th BOB and group 4 at Cleveland Show. Judge Sue Searle said, 'Lizzie, 3 year old, lovely balance, feminine head , eye and muzzle, ear with nice feathering moved all but would like more "go" Poppy, 7 year o;d again with nice balance and construction, moved out nicely, carrying too much feathering also more weight than I like.' Whoops. 

York show 31st July. Poppy gained her 85th BOB and Lizzie was Reserve BOB under judge  Irene Horner (Bokoto) Nothing in huge group but did win £5 prize money. Lizzie, RBOB, judge said, 'Nicely shaped head with decent ear placement. Correct toppline would like deeper brisket. Tail carriage ok. rear quarters better than front which showed in her movement. Elegant neck, correct feet and in good condition. Poppy BOB. Judge had the edge on toppling and head to second. Ear carriage ok. Decent depth of brisket, good tuckup. Correct head shape and proportions. Neck strong but not course.. Well set shoulder. Fairly decent movement, preferred rear to front. ..Whoops.

Houndshow 2016. Poppy Best Veteran under judge ?? Lizzie binned.

Paington 2016. Lizzie 1st in Limit and Poppy 3rd in Veteran bitch.

South West Hound . Lizzie 2nd in open and Poppy 4th in Open.

 Preston Open Show 2016. Lizzie Reserve Best Hound and her 46th BOB. Poppy Reserve Best Veteran. Judge Emily Mitchell. Very good day. Judge said, 'Well made bitch who won the breed on her lovely movement. Good head and reach of neck, good firm toppling, lovely rear quarters.'

CITY OF BIRMINGHAM dog show. Poppy 'Nice type of bitch of good size, shape and overall balance, feminine head and expression, good front and rear angulation. Back fairly broad with good arch over the loin and gentle shape to croup, well filled foretaste, good underline with long deep brisket and good tuckup, moved very well both in profile and coming and going away.'

Lizzie, ' A quality bitch of really nice type, sound construction, feminine head and expression, well balanced front and rear angulation, very good topline with good arch over the loin, deep long brisket into tuckup, well ribbed, well angled pasterns and nice feet, well developed thighs, moderate bend of stifle which she used well on the move, light and effortless, showing both

 reach and drive. Colin Ashmore

Lizzie won Best Bitch at Scottish Kennel Club August 2016. Judge  Liz Mc Knight. she said,'Snow GOOSE, nicely balanced with good head and length of neck, good front with deep chest, well bodied with good ribs, good toppling and underline, nicely muscled quarters, moved steady.'

Poppy, 'Carrying too much weight today. Nice head, neck and front assembly, deep chest, good toppling and underline, moderate quarters, moved steady.'

CHESTER_LE_STREET October23rd Liz McKnight again. Lizzie 2nd and Poppy BOB her 86th Whoops. Nothing in the group. Judge said, 'Liked her head, neck and front assembly, nice topline with good tuck up, well bodied, deep chest, good legs and feet, nicely muscled quarters, moved well.' Almost exactly what she said at SKC. Could her win be because she as lost weight.??

Paignton Championship Show, judge Dagmar Kennis Pordham. Lizzie won limit bitch judge said, 'Cream parti bitch of three years, very well finished and Mature. Very nice head, excellent neck and forehand, proper bone for size and make. Very good over the toppling and underline, excellent croup and hindquarters. Moved very well in a ground covering stride.'


Lizzie BOB and Poppy 2nd. Lizzie won £5 and Poppy £3. 

Lizzie won group 4. Judge Alan Norcross (Paynnor) This was her 47th BOB judge said,'Long head with narrow skull, straight front, moderate stifle, hocks low. Moved well.'

Northern Saluki Club, Sue Virgo. Lizzie 1st in Limit Bitch. She said, 'Attractive cream girl of good type and size, feminine head of quality, adequate neck, good shape to shoulder and forearm with well developed muscling, good feet, she has an excellent loin with strong muscle tone, giving the desired slight arch. Smooth shape into the rear with good width to pins, showed real elegance on the move.'

Stanhope Show 2016, Lizzie BOB and group 4 shown by Rachel Cumberland . This was her 48th BOB. Hound judge Steph Marston Pollock, group judge was Mr J Purnell.(Yikasown) Lizzie won £5 and Poppy £4 for second. Judge said,' Pleasing head and expression. Strong yet elegant neck, down into well placed shoulders. Well bodied, good rear proportions. Moved well and light on her feet. Well handled BOB'.



Poppy gained her 87th BOB at Northallerton show on November 13th 2016. Judge Anne Defaye. was also group 4. Ann Defaye said,'A difficult class to judge as both had many good qualities although very different. Poppy had more ring presence and moved a lot steadier to win the class. A lovely feminine head and ex[pression and in fine condition.

Lizzie, a bit erratic today but overall nice quality bitch. Beautiful in profile stand especially .'

Lizzie collected her 49th BOB under judge Yvonne Pearson. She was also group 4. This was at relocated Houghton le Spring Show at Birtley. It was very cold. Judge said,'3 Year old graceful bitch with a dignified and gentle expression. Looked lovely on the the stack but let herself down on the move.'BOB and group4

Poppy's 88th BOB at Sunderland Show. Minimal crit which said difficult to decide and gave it to Poppy on movement.

Poppy Best Veteran in match at Consett Match night.

 No Critique.Rosettes for Reserve BOB at South Yorkshire Hound and BOB and Reserve Best of Breed at Newton Wycliffe. December 2016.

Lizzie was RBOB at South Yorkshire hound, Lorraine Fitzgerald. Poppy 89th BOB at Newton Aycliffe. also group 3

Irish Champion Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW Sh CM Ir J Ch Gained her 91st BOB at Darlington 

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