Daandazi Salukis

2017 with Lizzie and Poppy.

2015 at Daandazi

Irish Champion Fernlark Nardiini at Daandazi, JW. ShCM . Ir JC won her 66th  BOB at North and South Shields dog show today, January  4th 2015,, judge was Mrs M Head (Demerlay) Poppy won the open class, lizziie won the graduate class, but was on playful mode in the final for BOB.

Poppy's BOB rosette, for North and South Shields Show,  no first rosettes in our ring for some reason!!! Other rings had them!!!!

Poppy running at a lure coursing meeting.

Lizzie won her final points for her Junior Warrant at Manchester Dog show on 15/1/15 Thrilled.

Judge Ann MacDonald said,'Snow Grouse was placed 3rd in Junior  and a pleasing exhibit who moves well in profile and has some promise. Has a lovely head and expression, good depth of body and well muscled quarters. Free mover.'

Judge Molly Head said, Snow Grouse, cream bitch of 18 months, lovely, scopey outline and general well balanced shape. Nice for size and substance with good drive when going round. Playing up a bit coming back up the mat throwing her front, a shame as there is so much to like about her. Nardini, red bitch with balanced outline, nice bone , good angulation, moving well in profile. BOB. Daania, cream bitch, hard to believe that she is nearly8, in lovely condition and still with beautiful out line, Best Veteran Hound.

The Northern Dog Show at Eston  2015

Poppy, Ir Ch Fernlark Nardini JW Sh CM  ir JCh won the AVNSC open class at Eston and Barnaby then went on to take Best AVNSC.

Poppy won her 67th BOB at Jarrow and Hebburn Show 2015, she was awarded group 3 Hound Group. Judge Dick Morrison said, 'This one caught my eye immediately, I thought she was beautiful in symmetry and grace, her movement was flowing and gentle, she has a long narrow head, dark oval eyes, well set and coated ears, tidy dentition, very true front and rear assemblies . Lovely length and depth of body, well arched feet, was of ideal size, her movement was flowing and effortless, very sympathetically handled.'

Whitehaven Show, lizzie gained her 18th BOB under judge Anne Defaye. Judge said, very pretty fawn bitch.Good head with long neck, good ear set and lovely expression. Moved very well to beat her 'kennel mate' this time.'

Poppy won her 68th BOB at Spennymoor Show in February 2015. She also won Group one but the rosettes for our group had gone walkabout. Promised it will come by post. Daani won Best Veteran Hound. Judge Jane Maxwell said, 'Very Classy black fringed redbitch of strength and grace. enough width between ears and correct length. Large oval eye. Oval bone and acceptable feet. Plenty of depth of chest and broad in back. Pin bones wide apart and good length to second thigh. Well muscled she moved lightly on her feet with reach. She really took my eye.  She also commented on Daani Best Veteran, 'Cream Saluki bitch of finer type, oval eye with width between ears and enough fringing. Longish back, sloping pasterns. Good depth to chest and length to second thigh. Moved smoothly.

Snow Grouse's Junior Warrant and Stud Book number has arrived. Been a long road but thrilled for us all.

At Metro Dogs fun show Poppy won Best pedigree hound, then Best pedigree dog. Judge Sam Anderson-Rowell

Best in Show Photo with judge Sam Anderson-Rowel and organiser of show.

Daani has won the veteran group at Saltburn and Spennymoor.

Cream Saluki bitch of finer type, oval eye with width between ears and enough fringing. Longish back, sloping pasterns. Good depth to chest and length to second thigh. Moved smoothly. Jane Maxwell.

Lizzie went Best in Match at Consett Match Night, Daani was Bwst Veteran . Judge was Paul W, we won £20 in cash!!!

Lizzie won her 21st  BOB and Hound Group3 at Consett Canine Society Show April 11th 2015. Judge Fran Kaye (Danfrebek)

Poppy followed her Best Pedigree with Best In Show. Wonderful rosettes and trophies. Lizzie won a second in Junior, poppy secong in Fancy Dress

Poppy completed her weekend by gang her 69th BOB under judge Hilary Gilpin. at Billingham Synthonia show. Judge said, 'likiked her head proportions, good black nose, oval eyes, long neck leading to sloping shoulders, deep chest and racy hindquarters, moved effortlessly.'

Lizzie won her 20th BOB at Tweedmouth Show 2015; Judge was Sandra Johnstone.

Lizziw won Graduate saluki then was Reserve BOB. She entered the Reserve BOB group and WON. Then went for Best Reserve BOB in show, she was runner up and won a Ceramic Egg.

Birtley 2015, judge Ray Morland, he said,'good for size  and overall shape and outline, in excellent condition, moved well considering the size of the ring.'

Lizzie won her 22nd BOB at Northumberland County Show May 2015. Poppy won Open class.

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